Kripa Jalan

As a ‘Specialist in Sports Nutrition’, she has worked with an array of individuals, looking towards leading healthier lifestyles. Be it a sedentary individual looking to better their eating habits or athletes aiming to boost their performance. She believes in sustainable meal plans, focusing on feeling and moving better rather than short-term quick fixes. Additionally as the author of ‘Burgers To Beasts’, a health and fitness web space, she has been working towards debunking existing myths and making the science behind health, more available to the general masses.

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Geetha G H

Geetha G H, is a Bangalore based registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, exercise – sports nutritionist (currently pursuing International Olympic Committee Sports nutrition), with diverse experience of 14 years in academia, nutritional counseling and lifestyle coaching, clinical nutrition, food safety, corporate workshops and seminars, clinical research, nutrition columnist for well renowned health magazines and wellness websites, a university first rank holder with several gold medals at both under graduation and post-graduation, passionate about preventive-performance nutrition, yoga and fitness.

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Raheela Hasan

Raheela Hasan is a health & nutrition specialist with a rich experience of over 6 years in clinical nutrition and natural healing, Being a Nutritionist she is a Certified Yoga Teacher. Her venture ‘FITRITION’ is the culmination of all her experience, learning and is committed to optimum nutrition solutions. Till date, she has counseled over 600 clients from all over India, Dubai, Singapore & Hong Kong. She has designed over 50 flavorsome and nutritious recipes to benefit the masses.

Raheela is on the panel of several snack and food manufacturing companies to help them design Health and Wellness products. She conducts counseling sessions and seminars on corrective eating portions in Corporate, MNCs, banking and insurance companies and conducts training sessions for undergraduate students, pursuing a career in Food and Nutrition.

She has authored articles for leading Newspapers and Magazines such as Bombay Times, Femina and Cosmopolitan.

Owing to the hassles of today’s busy lifestyle, meals tend to become an ignored part of the daily routine. Raheela wanted wholesome meals to be easily accessible. Her recent venture ‘Bites & Pieces’ delivers nutritious, healthy & delicious food at corporate offices, schools and at home.

With a desire to do much more, she is in the process of launching her range of organic food items with innovative ingredients that will enhance the overall health of the people.


Dr. Wasim

Dr. Wasim, the director of Preventive and Wellness Medicine at BASIL WELLNESS, is out to show the world that good food and good health are not mutually exclusive. Starting off as an allopathic doctor, he went on to get certified in alternative streams of medicine and now has a doctorate in Acupuncture and a Diploma in Ayurveda, while at the same time he also has a diploma in Family Medicine from the Royal College of General Practitioners, London. At Basil, he combines the best of modern and alternative medicine to practice Preventive and Wellness Medicine and focuses on lifestyle issues.

Dr. Wasim, who has a book, 10 Patients to his credit is an avid blogger who currently authors two blogs, a food blog CHENNAI FOODY, which is probably the oldest and most well-read food blog from Chennai and UNCOMPLICATELIVING, a wellness blog which aims to, as the name says, uncomplicate living. Via the two blogs, he aims to promote good food and good health.

The biggest feather in his cap the selection by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology for their inaugural entrepreneurship boot camp where 50 people from around the world were selected for the potential to change the future with their business ideas.. He has an Entrepreneurship Certificate from MIT and also mentors students in Entrepreneurship at MIT.

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Tushima Mashellkar

Tushima Mashellkar is a Nutritionist and a Certified Diabetes Educator with BeatO. She has studied Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi and completed her Masters specifically in the field of therapeutic nutrition. She holds her certification in Diabetes Education from KEM hospital, Pune. She has worked with AIIMS and Agharkar Research Institute as a Research Assistant. Her work in Chellaram Diabetes Institute and Fortis CDOC made her closely work with Diabetics and help them identify nutrition related problems as well as barriers in diabetes management. Apart from counseling, she has organized several nutrition workshops and seminars focused on increasing patient awareness on health and nutrition.

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